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02:29, 2008-Sep-10

 God is everywhere. I remember Him all the time. He was there to guide and support me during my heydays. He was there when I scored a hit with the Bengali detective thriller movie   Boi-durjo Raw-hossho   (The Mystery of the Exotic gemstone rings). He was there when I entered family life. I remembered Him when I was blessed with two beautiful and intelligent daughters who are capable of carving out their own space in this intellectual and artistic industry.God is the basis of our aggressive and confident foray into our respective fields. Without recalling his mercifulness and generosity we are lost without a cause. Right now, I am retired, spending time shopping for jewelry and clothes for near and dear ones. However, even today, I remember Him in my every breath.God appears to you in the most mundane of things. It could be the smile that the owner or employee of this diamond bracelets shop that I visited yesterday gave me! It could be the parking attendant who is kind to me and my car. God sends messages to us through His instruments. People who are considerate in little things that count are God's messengers to us. 


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